Become A Scribe

Technology, Care, and Attention

If you are considering a career in medicine, working as a medical scribe can be a rewarding path. A scribe works directly with physicians, primarily focused on charting patient encounters in the electronic medical record.

We train diligent and motivated science-based candidates – setting you up for success in busy medical settings. With continuous learning, physician mentorship, and virtually unparalleled access to different specialty areas of medical practice, our scribes develop the skills to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Medical Scribe with Essential Scribe?

Fill out the application above and our HR Manager will reach out very soon with more information.

Do I need medical experience? Will I receive training?

No, you do not need prior experience as we teach you everything you need to know. Our 3-step process will ensure you have a solid foundation of medical terminology/concepts and have a thorough understanding the EHR through Classroom and Clinical Training.

How will scribing benefit me in my healthcare career?

Our Medical Scribes get exposure to the clinical aspect of the medical world that you cannot supplement with a textbook. Many Pre-Medical applications are looking for clinical experience.

What location will I be working at?

We work in a variety of hospitals, clinics and emergency departments in the Southwest states.

I’m in my undergrad, can I still apply?

Yes, we require a minimum of two full days of availability each week. The needs of each site will determine the two days of the week that require coverage. Some employees work full-time (up to 40 hours) per week based on state laws and availability.

Is there room for growth?

Yes, we pride ourselves in growing from within by promoting Medical Scribes during their time with us — Trainers, Liaisons, Lead Scribes and beyond.

Thank you for providing me with a medical scribe, it has completely changed my workflow and patient care!

Emergency department provider