Hire A Scribe

Personalized Care

Scribes allow providers to shift their focus of care to the patient, providing face-to-face interaction while the scribe works in the background to accurately document the history, physical, assessment and plan directly into the electronic health record (EHR).

With scribes, providers are able to see more patients per shift, engage in more meaningful patient interactions and have the patient’s note ready for final signature at the end of the patient’s visit.

Not sure if scribes are right for your clinic? We offer free trials to test drive a scribe in your live environment, seeing real patients and documenting on your EHR.



After the initial conversation, we will schedule a time to complete a site visit. This will give us an opportunity to meet the team and allow for any follow-up questions to be answered.


We’ll initiate a contract with the administration team and begin setting up a timeline for implementation.


Our Implementation Team will come on-site to complete a Workflow Assessment with each provider to understand their preferences, learn the EHR, and build out documentation for the new team to utilize during their shift.


After the Workflow Assessment is complete, we will teach our staff everything they need to know to be successful in clinic.


Our Medical Scribes receive 40-50 hours of personalized training with a Trainer to ensure they understand the clinic flow, EHR, and provider preferences.


We want to ensure we have a strong team at all times so we conduct quality assurance reviews and make sure that we are compliant all policies and procedures.

I have worked as a medical provider for 26 years and having a scribe now for the past 10 months has been the best gift ever!

Pediatric Clinic Provider