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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medical Scribe?

A Medical Scribe is a provider’s assistant, attached at the hip, their right-hand man. Medical Scribes take all clerical work off of the provider’s plate so they can focus their time directly on the patient.

What can a Medical Scribe do?

  • Work side-by-side on shift with providers to complete documentation in the same way the provider would for each patient visit
  • Alert provider when results are ready
  • Assist with staff communication and workflow
  • Ensure there is a complete and accurate record of each patient visit

Do you have competitive pricing?

Essential Scribe offers a competitive flat rate for all services, but delivers much more than a traditional scribing company! Since it’s not a program or an app, our pricing is just an hourly scribe rate… you pay only for the hours you use the service.

Who benefits from a Medical Scribe?

With a Scribe, Everyone Benefits.

Patients have increased face-to-face time with their provider and visits are more efficient, resulting in the provider staying on schedule. 

Providers have more meaningful face-to-face time with patients, while being able to see more patients per shift which results in higher revenue. Additionally, providers with scribes have increased job satisfaction & better work-life balance leading to less physician burnout. 

Scribes also benefit tremendously by gaining hands-on healthcare experience and valuable medical knowledge. Scribes are able to observe real life medicine and network with healthcare professionals before applying to medical or professional school themselves.  

I had a scribe today in clinic for the first time and it was such an amazing difference. Clinic closed (all notes signed, charges dropped). I typically work with a medical student only so I was able to focus more on teaching even with a short and busy clinic.

Oncology Clinic Provider